Bird Island Lodge

Widely acknowledge as having the world's most spectacular beaches, as well as species found nowhere else on the planet, simply being able to visit Bird Island is a privilege. When you add to this the warm hospitality, and the chance to relax amongst this exclusive setting for the duration of your stay, the result is a truly priceless experience.

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GEO Information

Properly isolated, Bird Island is situated in the Northern most archipelago of the Seychelles.

A 30 minute light aircraft flight from the main island of Mahe' brings new guests and supplies to the island. Your transfer will be organized upon booking.

  • Introduction

    Many regard Bird Island's beaches as the finest in the world…

    A wildlife reserve that is also one of the world's most exclusive resorts, Bird Island Lodge is ensconced in the beauty of the Seychelles, a true Indian Ocean paradise. Simple and secluded, the unique luxury of Bird Island Lodge is hard to mimic, because it comes from a unique location, natural treasures, and an ethos that truly is one of a kind.

    Bird Island Lodge offers a unique blend of hospitality, relaxation and simplicity, manned entirely by friendly Seychellois staff, offering no gimmicks, the Lodge is your base to explore all aspects of this beautiful island.

  • Restaurants & Bars

    Dining at Bird Island is buffet style, and freshness of cuisine is befitting of such a sublime location. Fresh fish features on the menu every day, along with organic home grown fruit, vegetables and home-reared pork, produced on Bird Islands own small farm.

    Bar Lounge

    Set just off the shores of West Beach, the bar lounge is a charming and rustic choice for pre dinner cocktails or afternoon tea.

  • Activities & Recreation

    In such a natural wonderland, you don't even have to move to have incredible experiences, and see amazing sights. Gaze out at the most crystal clear water in the world, watch rare wildlife from your chalet. Be spellbound at the paradise you have found yourself in. If you want to really get amongst it though, Bird Island provides two-person kayaks, perfect for a little light exercise and fun, it is not uncommon to encounter turtles playing just off shore. Snorkel just 30m off the beach and you will be amongst brightly colored coral and reef fish. Stroll the beaches, gaze at the skies, sun bathe, relax and let the magic of this place go to work on you.


    • Bird Watching
    • Dolphin / Whale Spotting
    • Turtle and Tortoise Observation
    • Nature Watching
    • Kayaking
    • Snorkeling
    • Swimming
    • Big Game Fishing
    • Fly Fishing
    • Nature Boat Tours


    • Boutique
    • Library

    Please note that there is no Swimming Pool on Bird Island, in line with the sustainable eco-tourism offered at the Lodge.

  • Weddings

    Bird Island Lodge is happy to accommodate weddings, and recommends that couples first take time to explore the stretches of beach before choosing a special spot to hold the ceremony. For a ceremony that is simple and set amongst nature, this is a wonderful choice. Charming features of the Bird Island wedding package include a ‘decorated sponge cake', ‘a short tropical bouquet for the bride' and ‘matching buttonhole for the groom', ‘simple decoration of the couples chosen location, as required'. Speak with Blu Maldives whilst booking to put your wedding plans in motion.


    Nature Watching

    Many come to Bird Island Lodge for the pristine nature that surrounds. Here, you are guaranteed to see rare and exotic bird and marine species, such as the majestic fairy turn, sooty turns, frigate birds, and many other bird species, an incredible hawksbill turtle population, free roaming Giant Aldabra tortoises, dolphins, and sometimes even whales from October to November. Seven species recorded on Bird Island are found nowhere else in the Seychelles. The resort's very own nature boat runs regular trips to get up close to the resident dolphin pod, and the giant manta rays.



    North Point Beach, 500m meters from the edge of the Seychelles Plateau where the ocean bed drops 2000 meters is the ultimate location for big game fishing. The resident fishing guide, Clive, has over 30 years experience fishing the surrounding waters, he will know exactly where to take you for the best chance of catching something. Bird Island also has great fly fishing from the beach, whilst this is free of charge, guests must provide their own equipment.


    Awards & Recognition

    Guest comments speak volumes about the magic of Bird Island. “Bless this wonderful place”, “unforgettable experience”, “we are in paradise”, and so on. Recognized acclaim keeps rolling in, since way back in 1994, when Bird Island was runner up in British Airway's ‘Tourism for Tomorrow' Award, it has since also been named 7th best destination to travel in the world by the BBC Wildlife Magazine, and runner up in the best hotel category for the Responsible Travel Awards presented at the World Travel Market in London 2005.


Rooms & Suites

Villas on Bird Island Lodge consist of 24 simple but very comfortable individual chalets set amongst coconut palms and rolling green lawns, very close to the beach. These chalets feature tile floors, simple yet comfortable furnishings, large windows and wooden shutters to let in the Indian Ocean Breeze.The Villa is for two adults, with room for one extra adult or child.


If you feel suffocated by many a five start resort, these chalets will be a welcome change, and you will feel more relaxed and secluded than ever before. You won't find televisions, telephones or air conditioning in the rooms. Only 80 people are allowed on the island at a time. Villa Features include: ~ King sized bed ~ Large bathroom ~

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